Cambodia Holidays - a Magical Treasure of Indo China
Despite its tumultuous and dark past, Cambodia Holiday offers travellers the ability to see past the challenges of visiting this unique part of South East..
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Cambodia Holiday

Cambodia Holiday

Despite its tumultuous and dark past, Cambodia holiday offers travellers the ability to see past the challenges of visiting this unique part of South East Asia. A relatively unspoilt country side, welcoming people and cultural magnificence with iconic sights such as the temples of the ‘Lost City’ of Angkor.


Cambodia’s ongoing recovery has allowed travellers to now be able to enjoy many of the diverse aspects of this country, be it the charms of the French-era capital city Phnom Penh, gateway to Angkor, Siem Reap or a poignant visit to the tragic horrors of the Killing Fields or sleepy riverside locations via boat.


Infrastructure is basic, however travellers are rewarded with beautiful scenery, lush landscapes of green forests and jungles, banana plantations, agricultural fields and mighty rivers. It is not a place of fast and efficient transport or luxurious hotels and resort living however the peaceful, primarily rural existence of most of the population is a tranquil setting and offers opportunity of a time for reflection for many.

Highlights of the Cambodia

  • Visit majestic Angkor Wat
  • Mix with the locals in the paddy plantations in Kampot
  • Take a tour of the sombre killing fields
  • Sunny it up in secluded Sihanoukville
  • Fill your bags with trinkets from Phnom Penh

Climate: Cambodia enjoys warm to hot year round weather and owes its changes to the annual monsoon with alternating wet and dry seasons.


Best time to go: November to February


Flying time: Approx 18 hours (connecting flights)


Our preferred airlines:  Singapore Airlines


Do I need a visa? British nationals do not require a visa, other nationalities should check with their embassy