A multitude of marvel, Cayman Islands Holidays - Hand Picked Destination
Cayman Islands Holidays, The Cayman Islands are surrounded by crystal clear calm seas and sun drenched white sand which in itself makes it a sight to behold
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Cayman Islands Holidays

Cayman Islands Holidays

The Cayman Islands are surrounded by crystal clear calm seas and sun drenched white sand which in itself makes it a sight to behold. However this haven has many other desirable facets to it.


With a prosperous economy, this paradise affords itself a high standard of living and is known for its low crime rate making it one of the safest destinations around.


The Caymans are made up of three islands. Grand Cayman is the largest and most developed, here you will find the famous Seven Mile Beach one of the most beautiful in all the Caribbean. The delightful island of Little Cayman can be reached by plane in 40 minutes. Little is an apt name for this island which measures in at 10sqm and has just 150 resident inhabitants. Nearby Cayman Brac is slightly larger at 14 sqm and has 2000 inhabitants. Each island is unique in its charm and characteristics.


The underwater attractions of the islands are also a huge reason to visit and put the Cayman Islands consistently in the world’s best diving destinations. Grand Cayman alone offers 150 dive sites, many are spectacular wall dives with steep drops offs encrusted with corals, sponges and marine life. For non divers there are also shallow snorkelling sites with calm, clear waters so you can also enjoy the underwater world.


Put these three idyllic islands together and you have a cocktail of paradise. Let us tailor make a Cayman Islands holiday into your dream paradise combination.

Highlights of the Cayman Islands Holidays

  • Secluded white sand beaches with crystal clear waters
  • World Class Dive Sites
  • Seven Mile beach
  • Stingray City
  • Gastronomic alfresco dining

Climate: The Cayman Islands benefit from year round sunshine and a warm tropical climate with temperatures ranging between 26 and 30 degrees. There is a rainy season between May to October but rain showers are short.


Best time to go: From November to May


Flying time: Approx 11 hours


Our preferred airlines: British Airways


Do I need a visa? British nationals do not require a visa. Other nationalities should check with their embassy.