China Holidays - A tour of an Ancient & Mysterious Land
China Holidays, China is a country with a long history, resplendent culture and distinctive customs and your holidays to China are sure to....
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China Holidays

China Holidays

China is a country with a long history, resplendent culture and distinctive customs and your holidays to China are sure to leave you lost for words. China holidays offers you a tour of an ancient, mysterious and a beautiful land, which welcomes tourists 365 days a year! As a result, China proudly proclaims that it is the world’s third most visited country.


Barefoot Traveller would like to offer you China holidays due to its vast, vivid and bright offerings. China awaits your presence! Exploring China can be a never-ending discovery, developing daily and introducing many more exciting activities and festivals each day, China holidays are sure to please you.


Chinese cuisine plays a major role as one of the best interests among the world. China has contributed greatly to the world in regard to food resource exploration. Intellectuals in China have created countless dishes with engaging names, aromas, flavours and colours to enhance the dining experience. Moreover, maybe that is why you will find a Chinese restaurant at every corner of the world to dine at. China holidays are also another good excuse for a shopping excursion; just picture what you want and you will find it in China! Everything is everywhere! Enjoy China. Enjoy culture.


China offers varying cultures and they hold something for everyone and you will surely experience many festivals during your stay any time of the year. Barefoot Traveller offers many exciting, carefully crafted China holidays options and are ready to tailor make your own holiday according to your tastes! Simply because there’s a massive choice in China!


Highlights of China Holidays

  • Discover one of the oldest civilisations of the world
  • Be in awe of the great sites such as the great wall of China and the Forbidden City
  • Spend an afternoon with some adorable pandas
  • Journey across stunning vistas sure to astound
  • Sample cuisine that will leave you wanting more

Best time to go: A year around destination, with each region offering a best time to go

Flying time: 12 hours

Our preferred airlines: Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Emirates

Visa required?: All nationalities require a visa has to be obtained prior to travel.