Tailor Made Luxury Holiday Experiences - India Holidays
India Holidays - Is a land of natural and cultural diversity. That makes it an amazing place to visit and an ideal destination tailor made Luxury holiday.
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India Holidays

India Holidays

India holidays, Over the past year, more and more of our Barefoot Traveller clients have been asking for tailor made holidays to India. Well, as you know at Barefoot Traveller we aim to please and can’t help but agree that this is a fabulous destination to visit. So in response to your requests we have released an exciting new range of suggested itineraries to North and South India. These programs are designed by professional travel experts to give you a starting point from which to design your dream holiday from.


You may decide to substitute internal travel by road with a domestic flight or an overnight train journey. You may have specific hotels in mind that you have always dreamed of staying in. Or you may wish to slow down the pace of the holiday or perhaps add a beach extension to the end for extra relaxation. Whatever you wish to do, our tailor made India travel experts can put together a program which is perfect for you.


There is so much to see, hear, feel, discover and absorb in India. It is truely a country which will assault all your senses in one go. India will leave you excited, exhausted, enlightened, sometimes shocked and often confounded. It will also leave you wanting more!


In the North there remains much historic architecture in forts, temples and palaces which will delight you as you learn of ancient dynasties and days of glory. The very rare Bengal Tiger is a wildlife wonder not to be missed. In the South the pace of life is a little slower and here natural beauty abounds. From mountainous regions, hill stations and tea plantations to jungle forests and unspoilt beaches, there is so much to discover here.


Where ever you go colourful culture and a sense of vibrancy rule. The food of course is waiting to explode your taste buds in a burst of exotic spices. Local children will delight, annoy and sadden you all at once. Any form of transport is to be experienced to be believed. The unexpected is always to be expected. We will of course provide you with expert local staff and guides to help you to keep things running comfortably and as smoothly as possible. Do relax though and go with it – the odd surprise is part of your unforgettable travel experience!


The highlights of India

  • Visit the mystifying wonder of the world – The Taj Mahal
  • Tour the Ranthambore for a glimpse of the Bengal Tiger
  • Navigate the inland rivers on a traditional houseboat
  • Join the pilgrims at  Varanassi and Srinagar
  • Take a train journey and witness the changing panoramas in a day
  • Taste exotic flavors of diverse regions
  • Discover the majestic Forts & embellished Palaces
  • Take in the marvellous colors the people vibrate
  • Stay at Palace turned Hotels and feel like a King

The best time to go: There are five seasons in India – Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn and Winter.

Between October to March is a great time to travel with daytime temperatures 25C–30C, falling to between 18C – 22C at night. After the monsoon, the air is dry, making the heat more bearable and reducing the humidity.

The monsoon reaches North and Central India from May to September and in the South the monsoon generally lingers into October. Travelling off season does have advantages of better value and less tourists. This is a good time to visit the mountains to escape the heat and rain.

Flying time: Approx 8 1/2 hours to Delhi

Our preferred airlines: British Airways, Jet Airways, Emirates

Do I need a visa? British nationals require a visa. Other nationalities should check with their embassy.