Maldives holidays – More than Just a Holiday Destination
Maldives Holidays -a land with white beaches, fresh seafood, water sports and thrifty accommodations are best for nature lovers and families.
Maldives holidays
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Maldives Holidays

Maldives Holidays

Maldives holidays, The Maldives is made up of 11,990 tropical islands scattered across the Indian Ocean just off the southern tip of India. 300 of them are inhabited, while the the rest are unconquered beautiful paradises of wild beach and jungles.

Even the inhabited lands have fine white sand, turquoise waters, amazing coral reefs, enchanting sea creatures and idyllic, shallow lagoons – which make them a natural beach holiday playground in the pacific.

Looking for a luxury holiday? Maldives holidays is a great grand holidays with top destinations and with top notch hotels offering fabulous island luxury accommodation, endless water activities, indulgent spa treatments and deliciously fresh seafood dining.

The best time to go: Straddling the equator the Maldives has tropical weather all year. It does have monsoons but being situated on the equator means that monsoons are mild. The southwest monsoon is from May to October and brings some rain and wind. The northwest monsoon is from November to April and is a dry season with very little wind. The average daily temperature is 28°C with an average of eight glorious hours of sunshine per day.

Flying time: 10.5 to 13 hours depending on routing.

Our preferred airline: British Airways and Emirates Airlines

Do I need a visa? British Nationals do not require a visa. Other nationals should check with their embassy.


The highlights of The Maldives

  • Idyllic white sand beaches bordering blue green seas
  • Palm tree shaded huts and hammocks t relax
  • Snorkelling treats
  • Diving paradise
  • Swarm of hued fish and rows of coral reefs
  • Relaxation, Massages & Spas
  • Fresh seafood
  • Water-sports
  • Good accommodation choices from simple to five star