An oasis of grandeur and elegance, Oman Holidays
OMAN HOLIDAYS Champagne coloured beaches, sprawling acres of greenery and desert ripples take pride of place making Oman a glamorous Arabian destination.
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Oman Holidays

Oman Holidays

Champagne coloured beaches, sprawling acres of greenery and desert ripples take pride of place making Oman a glamorous Arabian destination. You’ll find yourself in another world altogether. A sunny and fascinating escape, discover the desert from Fujairah with its mysterious landscapes of red dunes and rock, forts and wadis, or visit mosques and souks steeped in tradition in the capital city Muscat, and, if planning to visit between July and September, Dhofar/ Salalah is also well worth a visit when the ‘Khareef’ or southeast monsoon transforms Dhofar into a lush green landscape.


Oman is immensely proud of its rich Arabian culture and history, with one of the oldest civilisations in the region, dating back over five thousand years. You’ll find tradition plays an important part in everyday life here, with a notable serenity and gentleness to the place. There are many luxury resorts set on fabulous beaches and watersports are understandably popular, including some excellent dive sites. To truly capture the vibrancy of Oman we recommend you also go exploring as you’ll find ancient imperial forts, magnificent mosques, Oman’s own Grand Canyon and centuries-old frankincense-producing trees which were the original source of the areas wealth.


The mountain villages and their terrace farming have remained unchanged for centuries. Visit the capital Muscat with its colourful mix of old and new and must do highlights include standing on the waterfront and watching the animated scenes in the ancient Fish Market, or bargaining in the Muttrah Souq for Bedouin rugs, gold and frankincense.


The most surprising thing about Oman, with all that it has to offer, is the way it is so often overlooked by holidaymakers. One more reason for you to go!

Highlights of Oman

  • Arabian nights
  • Pristine coastline
  • Desert safaris
  • Fragrant souks
  • Wadi Ghul Canyon

Climate: October through to April is our recommended time to visit Oman, as even in the winter months, temperatures will hover around a very pleasant mid twenties. Avoid summer if you are able to, as the high temperatures and humidity can be unpleasant for some. Rain, when it comes, is fleeting and tends only to come in the middle of the winter as short, sharp showers. It is worth noting also that temperatures are considerably cooler in the mountains than on the coast and Salalah has a very different climate in that it has a monsoon season from June to September, called the khareef, which accounts for the luxurious green hills in this area.


Best time to go: October to April


Flying time: 8 hours


Our preferred airlines: Oman Airways, British Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airlines


Do I need a visa? British nationals do not require a visa, other nationalities should check with their embassy