Sri Lanka Holiday
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Sri Lanka Holiday

Sri Lanka Holiday

A Sri Lanka holiday is what most are raving about these days, chances are you have read about Sri Lanka in the recent months or days owing to interesting travel reviews.

Whatever you have read, Sri Lanka does not disappoint, it is home to a myriad of sights that are sure to please all those who choose a Sri Lanka holiday.

Sri Lanka is truly a paradise fought over by many a country. The Dutch and British have in the past laid claim to this jewel of an island and these influences can be seen in many a sight during a Sri Lanka holiday.  Seemingly the Chinese and the Indians seem to have invested interest here in the recent years following the war. Travelling through its winding roads and newly constructed highways one will surely hear how the changing infrastructure in this country is being built by the generous Chinese and Japanese or so it would seem. Whatever the case maybe, a Sri Lanka holiday seems to be the hip getaway at the moment. Numerous accolades have been bestowed on this island from the likes of Lonely Planet, Conde Nast, National Geographic and many other publications.

Sri Lanka is slightly smaller than Ireland however Sri Lanka has it all. Gloriously warm sunny beaches stretching for miles, humid jungles teaming with wildlife including the elusive leopard to even lush tea plantations in mountains that are as warm as a sunny winter’s day in the United Kingdom.

Within a drive of four hours or less one can be sipping high tea in a cool tea plantation whilst just hours before having had a sumptuous seafood lunch in a sandy beach whilst catching a wave or two as part of a thrilling Sri Lanka holiday.

The leading hotels of the world have started making their presence in Sri Lanka. The length and breadth of this island is dotted with chic boutique hotels owned by eccentric and influential Brits including a celebrity or two.  Hotels chains such as Aman, Hilton, Centara, Taj and Ramada are already here joining the ranks of Sri Lanka’s own five star players such as Jetwing, Cinnamon and Uga. Current construction is ongoing for numerous Shangri La and Hyatt properties on this sunny island making Sri Lanka a prized property for many a hotelier looking to cash in on the perfect Sri Lanka holiday.

The weather in Sri Lanka is always heavenly. Sri Lanka is blessed with two coast lines which share the monsoon alternatively hence a sunny shore is always guaranteed either way as part of a Sri Lanka holiday.  Sri Lanka is not only teaming with adventure, culture and wildlife within but its waters are also blessed with a plethora of marine life from turtles, whales, dolphins and colourful coral.

Head to the heart of Sri Lanka for astounding mountains and windy roads dotted with quaint Tudor styled bungalows and tea plantations amidst the mist and cool temperatures perfect for simple blissful relaxation as part of a Sri Lanka holiday.

Sri Lanka holidays 2013, seems to be the ‘in’ trip at the moment and it’s hard to dispute why it shouldn’t be. Sri Lanka has holiday packages to suit all.  Family holiday packages, honeymoon packages, single traveller packages, all inclusive holiday packages and beach holidays are just some of the types of holidays in Sri Lanka.

Why not get in touch with one of our Sri Lanka specialists for an itinerary to suit you.