Sun Holidays for Singles by Barefoot Traveller
we are an independent Tour Operator with over 24 years of expertise as a leading provider of tailor-made holidays to some of the world’s most exotic destinations.
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Sun Holidays for Singles by Barefoot Traveller

Sun holidays are not meant strictly for couples, families or other group, why not be adventurous and go on sun holidays for singles.

Why not escape to a sunny destination at your leisure.  No need for coordinating dates and plans, a simple few days off and off you go.

Just decide on when you want and where you want to travel for your sun holidays and we will do the rest.

There are various reasons for single sun holidays ranging sun holidays being a quick stress reliever, a holiday that can be combined with a business trip, a gap year from university and work or simply just a sudden urge to go exploring on your own.

Simply decide when and where and pack your bags and jet off for sun holidays for singles. Imagine arriving in vibrant Malaysia where you arrive into its colourful capital city and sample the sights and sounds without ever feeling alone or isolated.

Join in with the locals and tourists alike and sample their tantalising street food and sights, go on a shopping spree at China town and then head to one of the many beach resorts for a few days to recharge and rejuvenate. Meet other travellers on the same journey as you or simple cosy up to a good read and while away the hours. This is just a sample of one of the itineraries that Barefoot Traveller can offer you

Barefoot Traveller is able to cater to a myriad of single traveller needs. Barefoot Traveller can find you the best flights to match your schedule and budget, the best hotels to stay as a single traveller and the best experiences that any single traveller would enjoy.  We source the safest destinations for the peace of mind of discerning travellers experiencing sun holidays for singles.

Get in touch with Barefoot Traveller for affordable single sun holidays throughout the year and even last minute holiday deals.