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Travel Tips II

Important Travel Tips: During your Travels

It’s Wednesday, two more days to the weekend and your holiday is sooner than you imagine.  Why not read our travel tips on what to keep in mind during your next holiday which is not too far away.

During your travels:

  • Always book taxis within the airport at the taxi counter to avoid nasty scams by locals who may offer to take you to your desired location at a cheap price outside the airport. When available please use metered taxies to avoid unnecessary surprises.
  • During your travels make sure you drink bottled water which has been clearly sealed prior to consumption to avoid nasty stomach bugs during your well earned break.
  • Always look out for a good bargain and use only recommend shops as per your handy travel guide. If in doubt ask the hotel concierge or reception for local recommendations.
  • Touts are universal, avoid anyone who seems overly friendly, best bet they are looking for their next scam.
  • Most destinations have dedicated tourist offices, it may be worth a visit for general information and handy local tips.
  • Make sure you leave a copy of your intended itinerary with someone back home so that someone knows where you are expected to be at all times. If you decide to change your plans, always inform someone back home.
  • Do your research before you leave home regarding the best mobile connection to have with you at your destination. If you know a local, ask a local for their unbiased recommendation.
  • Do your research regarding internet availability at your intended hotels, this would avoid any overly expensive internet charges and hunting around for an internet enabled computer.
  • Specially in religious sites, make sure never to take pictures with your back turned to the statues as this can be seen as highly offensive especially in Asian countries.

So that’s our list of ‘during you travel’ tips, we hope that you find them useful.

Safe Travels.