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Travel Tips

Important Travel Tips

With Christmas 60 days away and your winter break fast approaching we thought we would help you out with some travel tips.

Before you travel:

  • Make sure you have a valid passport for the duration of your travel, just as importantly check whether the destination that you plan on visiting requires a visa prior to travel. This will save you time at the airport and at times money as on arrival visas may prove slightly costlier than visas obtained prior to travel.
  • Speak to your travel provider regarding any special meal requests, seating preferences and frequent flier miles prior to air travel for a more rewarding air travel experience.
  • Check health advisories for any required vaccinations.
  • When possible always check in online prior to leaving for the airport in order to save time in queues and obtain preferential seating.
  • Pack weather appropriate articles of clothing. We would recommend packing a hat and a beach sarong which can be used for a variety of purposes- covering up at religious sites, as a makeshift beach mat, a headscarf, a towel and simply just as a beach sarong. If your trip involves hiking or walks, exploring sites make sure to pack comfortable shoes.
  • Some destinations may not have your required medicines, be sure to pack plenty of travel sickness medication, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, stomach ailment related medicines and other medicines that you may deem useful.
  • As much as you may use the services of a guide at your destination, it is also always handy to take along a good destination guide book which would also top up as easy reading material on lazy beach days.
  • We would also recommend packing a travel adapter or two as some destinations may not have the same plug configurations as those in the U.K.
  • Take along some local currency to last you for the first few days of your trip. Once you get to your destination make sure to exchange some currency at the airport or ask your licensed guide where the locals exchange their foreign currency for some better rates than at the airport.
  • Make sure you email and pack a copy of your passport information page in the event you misplace your passport during your travels. Also make sure to note down the details of the British Embassy in your destination in case of emergencies.
  • Always purchase travel insurance, reputed travel providers would require this from you and you can never predict when it may finally come in handy.
  • Learn the local language, that is simple phrases such as ‘Hello’, ‘Thank You’ and ‘How Much’ will serve you well on your travels.

So that’s our list of ‘before you travel’ tips, follow this space next week for the ‘during your travels’ tips.