Amongst The Palms

Garden Destinations

Amongst The Palms

Worried about getting sand on your dress and the wind messing up the most beautiful day of your life? Why not consider a regally exotic garden wedding.


Garden destination weddings are perfectly luxurious affairs which can be custom planned under large shady trees or even in the middle of a fragrant tea estate overlooking lakes and waterfalls.


Garden weddings allow for total privacy, and the views that surround you as you take the plunge will be forever romanticised in your mind.


Garden destination weddings can be created in beautiful pathways sprawling with beautiful flora and even the occasionally butterfly or two flapping its wings in approval.


As a sample of what to expect with garden destination weddings let’s begin by stepping out of your luxury villa onto a pristine white carpet where you know that on the end lies your beloved. Meet your beloved under a cool banyan tree as your reflection darts across the infinity pool overlooking the expansive estate below. As the gentle rustle of the leaves overhead adds to the ambience of your day, cut into an organic cake made using the native fruits as you indulge further by dining on scrumptious canapés. Afterwards with the setting sun move into your open marquee where all eyes will be on you once again as you take your first dance whilst the crickets chirp their nightly tune. End your night on a high with a tantalising barbeque and music to dance the night away.


Garden destination weddings can be tailored to replicate a page from a romantic English novel or can be as personal as you have exclusively imagined.

Garden destination weddings in the tropics are understated affairs, they are colourful, charming and comfortable- can you ask for much more?


Choose from a range of custom barefoot destination weddings from our portfolio, for a wedding in a Tudor styled tea estate or a thriving jungle- decide on destination weddings in Sri Lanka, for destination weddings in a private island surrounded by white sand and a tropical garden choose Maldives and for a fragrant ceremony in lush tropical gardens choose Thailand.