Indoor Destinations


Want to keep your hair intact, your make up in check and ensure that all eyes are on you? Why not consider indoor destination weddings.


Indoor destination weddings can be spectacular affairs done in large banquet halls fit for royalty or even a large marquee, fully air conditioned for your comfort. Or why not hire out an entire villa for your exclusive use bordering the beach, a lagoon or even a pristine garden or a thriving jungle.


Indoor destination weddings, are safe from unexpected surprises such as bad weather, bad lighting and even bad company. With an indoor wedding you can celebrate knowing that you won’t have to worry about unwanted wedding crashers such as the general public or even pesky bugs that might invade your perfect day.


Indoor destination weddings allow for total privacy yet also can double up as a venue for grand celebrations with your nearest and dearest.


As a sample of what to expect with indoor destination weddings let’s begin by stepping out of your luxury suite and walking across to the elaborately decorated grand banquet hall, where all eyes will be on you as you walk in and light up the evening. Head towards your custom created throne where you will feel like royalty as all the wedding ceremonial formalities and blessings are bestowed upon you. Afterwards proceed to cut your elegant cake which could be as decadent as you desire. Then partake in a heartfelt toast and celebrate the night with a spot of dancing and a sumptuous 5 course dinner. End the night with some fancy outdoor fireworks and a bouquet toss.


Indoor destination weddings can be tailored to replicate a scene from a romantic royal wedding and can be as personal as you have exclusively imagined.

Indoor destination weddings in the tropics are decadent and grand affairs- can you ask for much more?


Choose from a range of custom barefoot destination weddings from our portfolio, from a wedding in a large hotel based banquet hall or combine the best of both. Combine an outdoor ceremony with an indoor celebration.