Indian Ocean


Beyond the plains of East Africa and the forests of Madagascar lies a different paradise:

Mauritius – over 90 miles of immaculate white sand beaches and coral lagoons washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

The perfect setting for deep-sea fishing, sea walking, snorkelling, diving, boating and golf. But Mauritius is more than a beach. It features subtropical forests, rivers and waterfalls, with exotic flora and fauna, including the giant Victoria Regia water lilies in the Jardin Botanique de Pamplemousses.

Climate: Mauritius is blessed with consistently good weather year round with average temperatures of 29°C. The sea temperature varies between 22°C and 27°C year round. The rainy season from January to March. Average sunshine is 7 hours per day.

Good To Know about Mauritius



Visa Requirements

Visa in not needed for UK citizens. Everyone else needs to check with their embassy.

Languages spoken

English, French, Mauritian Creole & French-based Creole

Currency used

Mauritian Rupee

Area (miles2)


Highlights of Mauritius

  • The best beaches in the world surrounded by turquoise waters
  • Diverse and exhilarating aquatic resources
  • A melting pot of cultures
  • Luxury accommodation to suit any budget
  • Best time to go: November to April, May to October is the best time for surfing
  • Flying time: Approximately 12 hours
  • Our preferred airlines: British Airways, Air Mauritius

Mauritius Escapes

This relatively short haul trip offers you a delightful 10 night combination of a chilled beach relaxation and a vibrant holiday to Mauritius and Dubai.
11 Days